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Logic Map of New Media

During my flight from DC to Texas today I finally got around to creating my first draft of a logic map (or model) for new media in a political advocacy context - a simpler abridged version has been sketched out on my office whiteboard for a few months now. See below:

Logic Map of New Media

My goal here is to lay out the interactions and chain of events that leads a visitor to a new media campaign, and then to document the primary engagement methods after they're in new media land. I didn't include every possible linkage arrow, and perhaps need to cut out some existing low priority ones to clean it up. The extent to which I go into other departments and the general level of detail is also somewhat arbitrary.

I used ArgoUML to create the model, which I was able to download for free and seems to be more for developers, so please excuse the ugliness. I had wanted to use Omnigraffle but haven't purchased it yet and waited until after my trial license had expired (only 14 days??) to begin this project. Working in 2d space was limiting: I would have preferred three or more dimensions to help organize & separate the different units.

What do you think - any missing areas, disagreements, or other thoughts? Have people used logic models for other projects? I plan to continue improving this so would be glad to get feedback. I would like to help develop stronger theoretical infrastructure for new media, and I think logic models are one good approach to support more rigorous program management & evaluation.