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Current Projects

Past Projects

(old) Flickr photography

I haven't done much photography in a while, but I have a few good ones posted on flickr.

(old) The Morris Berryman Memorial Garden

I spend a lot of my free time working on my garden. The most up to date plans are posted online using the Southern Exposure Seed Exchange's website.

(old) Electronics

I've been gradually beefing up my skills at Arduino and Raspberry Pi electronics, focusing on home security & automation and sensor networks thus far. I'm hoping to get more involved in robotics, garden automation, computer vision, and wearables in future projects.

(old) Free Judith 2010

Free Judith 2010 was a meta-campaign on to convince then-NOI Executive Director & co-founder @judithfreeman to tweet on a weekly basis after winning the Rootscamp 2010 visionary award. I was the campaign director and had a great time working with the team (David Babbott, Nicole Haber, Lena Tom, Allie Carter, Danny De Bonis) over an intense week-long organizing period. And we won!