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Stata module for random assignment, including blocking, balance checking, and automated rerandomization for optimal covariate balance. Feedback welcome!


R package to calculate unbiased treatment effect estimates for RCTs when assignment probabilities are correlated across units, such as under rerandomization. With Joel Middleton.

Berkeley Common Environment (BCE)

A packer-based Ubuntu virtual machine designed to facilitate data science and statistics, which can be deployed directly to Amazon EC2. My priority is to make the Amazon EC2 image as useful as possible for randomized experiments, machine learning, and related analytics in R and Python. BCE is also used as a virtual machine to minimize IT issues in a classroom or workshop environment.

Advanced Poll

Advanced Poll is a voting systems module for the Drupal application platform that features approval voting, borda count, and instant-runoff voting. It also includes many management features to facilitate elections and decision-making.

I have a variety of other small software projects on my github page as well.