Measuring hate speech

Integrate item response theory with deep NLP to enable major new innovations in the measurement of hate speech.

Targeted Exposure Mixtures

Analysis of exposure mixtures as data-adaptive target parameters based on cross-validated targeted learning (CV-TMLE).

Chestpain Risk Score

Development of a risk score for chest pain at Kaiser Permanente using machine learning, generalized low rank models, variable importance, and accumulated local effect plots.

Traumatic Brain Injury Prediction

Variable importance and prediction of traumatic brain injury in urgent care settings.

Howells Craniometrics

Re-analysis of Howells’ benchmark dataset to estimate the relationship between skull measurements and sex using ensemble machine learning.

Costa Rica Childhood Leukemia

Latent class analysis and variable importance for childhood leukemia in a Costa Rican case-control study.

Caselaw Historical Semantics

Estimating historical trends in legal semantics using aligned word embeddings.

Instagram Vaping

Application of deep learning to measure vaping marketing on Instagram.

Shoo the Flu

Causal inference on the program effectiveness of a matched study on influenza vaccination.

Recent & Upcoming Talks

Applied machine learning workshop, talk on machine learning for human rights, and talk on hate speech measurement

Machine learning introduction interwoven with preliminary results from our hate speech project.

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